I offer you


Untitled copyas a Christmas Gift

It is my wish that this book will inspire hope for South Africa’s future.



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God Save Africa - A political fable by Jill Parris

This book arose from a project. Earlier this year my husband, David, and I travelled back to the country of our birth, staying in Kalk Bay for three months. During that time we approached many people in the street and asked for their time to answer the simple question 

Is it better now than under Apartheid?

Initially we focussed on those we called the forgotten people, the descendents of the Khoi-San and of slaves. However, in a meeting with Father Michael Lapsley he confronted us strongly on this approach and numerous other issues. While we may not have agreed with him on everything, this inspired me to look broader and deeper into the current strengths and weaknesses of South Africa, and how a future for all South Africans can be built.

This book follows a six months journey of a Zulu man born under Apartheid and raised in the new South Africa.

It is set in the first half of 2015 and captures Themba’s dream for a future beyond freedom.

The invitation to the reader is to believe in themselves and work together for change before it is too late.

My dearest children,

I write this to be read on your twenty first birthday because I want you to understand why I was not able to fulfil my deepest desire to be a hands on dad. As you know I grew up without a father so understand how difficult this can be.

My father died in the pursuit of South Africa’s freedom from Apartheid. His dream seemed to be realised when Mandela became our president. However this slowly faded as the ANC started to put themselves ahead of their people.

As a reporter I was engaged in trying to keep the dream alive but when this became too dangerous your mother and I decided that she would take you out of the country.

I am pleased with how well you have settled and integrated into your new home. 

I love the people you have become but am overwhelmed with sadness that I had so little to do with your growing up years. The choice was mine. Your loss of connection with Africa and your heritage was the result. I am sorry. 

If only South Africans had been prepared to take democracy back while they had the chance. 

That is now past and it is time for you to hear the whole story.