There are a number of issues I feel strongly about so I write letters, march, protest and support individuals and communities in standing up for their rights and freedoms.

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Letters to our PM like

Dear Mr Turnbull,

I long for a post-midnight wakefulness where I think about some small, personal woe. This constant sadness about being part of a nation that hates and locks up those who flee persecution is exhausting.

So often Now I am reminded of a conversation I heard between my father and a fellow German. Both had left Germany my Dad a refugee from Hitler and a woman because there was not enough to eat.

My father confronted her. “How could you stand by and do nothing about Hitler’s injustice?”

Her reply is still with me. “I was too busy looking for food in dustbins.”

Well I am well fed and life in my chosen country Australia is comfortable so I have no excuse. I must speak out for those who come in search of freedom from tyranny.

Mr. Turnbull you have great potential to lead us you people back to generosity.

Please find the steal in your spine to say welcome to the fleeing stranger. Locking them up is inhumane, unjust and excessively expensive.

Thank you. Now that I have written again perhaps I will sleep.

Yours faithfully,

Jill Parris.