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Home Truths an Anthology of Refugee and Migrant Writing.

The book is a collection of stories, essays and poems written by a diverse group of writers, mostly from Africa and Asia.

The anthology is filled with first hand experiences of war and dislocation, and of being at odds with one’s own culture.

“This project was about giving people a voice,” says Jill Parris, a counselling psychologist

–and herself a refugee– who initially worked with many of the authors using writing as

extension of trauma counselling.

“The writing process helps one gain critical distance from one’s experiences,”

says Parris.

“We wanted to introduce our fellow Australians to our home countries; we wanted

them to understand how and why we had to flee and why we needed their goodwill

to flourish in our new homes.”

The project received support from Writers Victoria, the Ecumenical Migration Centre and

the Brotherhood of St Lawrence. Authors also received support from eighteen Writers

Victoria members who offered two years of sustained writing support for the storytellers.

“I am delighted to have participated in creating this unique anthology of life stories,” says

Elham Shahhoseini, one of the authors. “This experience is the most valuable achievement

I’ve had since moving to Australia.”

All sales profits of this book will be donated to charities that support refugees.

Home Truths an Anthology of Refugee and Migrant Writing.

Published by Furber. 202pages.

Price $20.00 (paperback)

For more information contact:

Yannick Thoraval

email at yannickthoraval@yahoo.com

telephone on (03) 0414 399 218. $4.99 (ebook)