Raised in conflict


One day I got a call from a man I had worked with. He wanted me to help him write his story of growing up in Afghanista. I was thrilled and spent every Tuesday evening of the next six months sitting on the edge of my seat as Essan told me about his Extrodinary life. You must read this one.



I was in a deep sleep when a loud bang woke me. I looked around and soon saw Mum and Dad at the west window. My sister woke in shock.

The explosions got louder and closer. Dad took the ladder and climbed onto the roof to see what was going on and I followed. Red, green, orange and yellow explosions lit the western sky. The noise got closer and intensified. The smell of smoke filled the air. I could taste sulphur and the ground shook. I looked around to see neighbours on each roof. All faced west.

Children cried and whimpered and the adults shrieked and yelled.

‘God help us!

For copies of ‘Raise in Conflict’ please contact:

Essan Dileri



In Australia:   AU$30 including postage

Overseas:      AU$35 including postage


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